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What makes a house a home

Transforming an Empty House into a Home

The UK has over 11,000 houses that have been empty for 10 or more years, according to BBC News. With the rate of homelessness in the country at 134% since 2011, councils and social enterprises are working hard to revive empty houses. While it is possible to transform an empty house into a home, the idea of moving house can be overwhelming. Tenants need to invest a considerable amount of time, energy and money to turn the vacant house into a lively and comfortable zone worth calling home.  

Create Comfort Zones with Fireplaces

Whether you are looking to enhance your home design with contemporary or traditional styles, there are many varieties of fireplaces you can incorporate. What matters most is your personal taste and budget. Both real and artificial fireplaces create comfortable spaces for family and friends to gather. The ambient glow gives your seating area a warm and alluring atmosphere.

Depending on your lifestyle, you can enhance a ripped out fireplace to a modern, industrial look, or work with a wood-burning stove. Alternatively, you can settle for ventless fireplaces to make your home more comfortable and attractive. However, it is important to research the different types of hearths without vents to ensure you select one that fits perfectly in your home. 

Lighting Makes a Difference

No matter how beautiful the interiors’ are, a poorly lit home is boring. Moreover, lighting your home is straightforward, given the variety of options available. Some lighting options, such as ambient or background lighting, illuminate overall spaces. Common ambient lighting sources include recessed downlighters, large pendants and wall lights.

Other home lighting ideas you do not want to overlook are task lighting and mood or accent lighting. With accent lighting, you can effortlessly draw attention to architectural features of objects using hidden or recessed LED strips, or low-level chandeliers. On the other hand, task lights like desk, table, and floor lamps provide extra brightness to workspaces utilized on a routine basis. 

Tell a Story with Artwork

While there is nothing harmful with designing a gallery wall, you might want to try other art decoration ideas to fill in a blank wall. Use your creativity to break the usual flat framed art design with ideas that make your home attractive. Hang a bunch of colorful baskets, make a dip-painted sculpture and hang it on the wall, add oomph with framed paper, or hang your hats. The good thing about decorating walls with art is that you do not need to break the bank. You can invest in cheap art decorations or make your own. 

Furniture, art and lighting make your home a suitable place for relaxing. Nonetheless, the love and memories you make your home enjoyable. The stubborn stains on your linen tablecloths, the scratches, the people and pets inside your house matter a lot. Family heirlooms may seem outdated, but they transform houses into homes. They bring back memories of the past while you create new ones in the present.

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